How Can One Man Survive Such Tsuris?

Everything You’ll Want to Know About Donald Trump’s Legal Woes |

My question to you is how does he get away with it? How can anyone, who is being accused of so much, be a possible candidate for the President of the United States? I know some of the answers but I’m not going to write them here. We can discuss anytime you want. It’s a short conversation.

Thank you Dick Krain for the article.


It’s Not Sustainable’: What America’s Port Crisis Looks Like Up Close

This is another major situation that doesn’t seem to have a satisfactory solution. What the heck is going on?

1 thought on “How Can One Man Survive Such Tsuris?

  1. regarding the first article… while doesn’t seem like everything, be interesting to see the outcomes of the cases…
    regarding the 2nd article – sad state of shipments which will eventually have some effect on all of us…

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