Miami Is A Serious Art City

In Opposite Styles, 2 African Artists Capture the Same Spirit

Fountainhead Arts received amazing recognition today in the New York Times for nurturing many of the world’s most talented artists. Meet Marcellina Akpojotor of Nigeria. We partied with her at Alison Davis’ birthday party a few weeks ago. Marcellina is adorable. So is Alison. Thank you Kathryn Quinlivan Mikesell and Dan Mikesell for making our lives so exciting. Love, a proud board member—me.

Our First Miami Art Fair/Art Basel Stop

Everyone always asks me what was the most exciting and important exhibit at the Miami Art Fair. Go see what Tami Katz-Freiman (in yellow) curated at the LnS Gallery. It’s brilliant. Artist Tony Vazquez-Figueroa (in the middle) created the Amor Fati/ Eternal Recurrence. It’s a life-size head cast in bitumen, a portrait of the artist. It’s placed within a transparent plexiglass container resembling an aquarium. the bottom of the aquarium contains a hole through which the bitumen drains into another container, holding a negative mold of the same self portrait. The work is based on the Pitch Experiment, which is considered to be the longest active scientific lab experiment in history. It was initiated in 1927 in Australia by Professor Thomas Parnell in an attempt to measure the viscosity of a piece of tar over many years. The original experiment was performed with pitch, a general name for a number of viscous liquids that appear solid, the most common of which is bitumen. Tar of this type “flows” at room temperature at the rate of one drop every nine years. The experiment is still active. There appears to be enough tar in the funnel in order for it to continue for at least another century. Husband Mooli Freiman joins Tami in this celebration. Photos by Eliot Hess.


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