First Night Of “Untitled” At Miami Art Fair

One of the best art shows. Fabric art is taking over the world. Ocean Drive was electric tonight.


If you ever want a meaningful explanation of any piece of art, stick with these two. Brilliant minds connect these fun loving, wild, and crazy kids on the left.
Viviana Dominguez Art Conservator and Visual Artist John DeFaro #Miamiartweek2021 #untitledart


I knew I was in good company when Teresa Enriquez and husband Michael made the same choices from gallerist Rigo Campuzano. Teresa has quite the eye. We all partied in Mexico City a few years ago. To be continued.


What a joy immediately bumping into the famous Guatemalan filmmaker Veronica Riedel at “Untitled.” She does it all, writes, produces, directs and coaches. Also has a stunning boyfriend from Argentina who couldn’t detect my thick NY accept. Hello to Ana Westermann and Tony Westermann. Miss you.


Nicole Martinez, communications director of Fountainhead Arts on right with artist friend, flanking Eliot. Nicole is hitting PR home runs.


Finally got a piece of Omar Barquet. Not this massive wonderment that was the talk of “Untitled.” We got something that was a bit smaller from cheerful Gallerist Moiz Zilberman of Berlin.


The super talented artist Alex Nunez hugging Eliot. Alex is a favorite. She is also a fabulous DJ, podcaster, and digital expert. We own a number of her works.

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