Shabbat Shalom

I am thrilled to be helping Rabbi Marc Philippe and his wife Valerie Beaudoin de Roca build a new cultural and spiritual center in Miami Beach. I am one of the folks who will helping them raise funds in this endeavor. I am taking over for what my good, married friends, Kent Karosen and Brian Hauserman, started a few years ago before they tragically died so young.


Both asked me to get involved because they felt Rabbi Marc Philippe represented the future of Judaism. He is a progressive thinker who feels people from all walks of life should have newer, more forward-thinking options to learn, play, grow, transform and experiment, while discovering and exploring the wisdom and spirituality of Judaism.


The name of the center is called the “Kodesh House.” That means “Holy.”


Rabbi Marc Philippe likes to describe “Kodesh House” as “Cage Free Judaism.”  You will no longer be a spectator in an auditorium during your religious, spiritual and culture pursuit. You will be free to roam in creative classes, prayer sessions and musical meditations. You will enjoy live music, meet people, artists, writers, thinkers, and kabbalists. Events and services will happen in a variety of locations. 


This is so exciting. Please join me in being a charter member. To launch this project, Kodesh House is looking for 36 people to commit to an annual donation of $3,600 and 5 people to commit to an annual donation of $20,000. 

By helping fund this organization, you help increase Light in this world.  As a founding partner, your name will be promoted, along with the others, as a great supporter of this new opportunity. Thank you for being a partner of Kodesh House.



Rabbi Marc Philippe and his wife Valerie have over 20 years of experience hosting, organizing, and creating programs for synagogues.  It is their life mission to serve the community for the greater good. 


Email me with any questions you may have


Or contribute any amount via the website –


I hope you will join me in making this happen. You don’t have to live in Miami to participate. “Kodesh House” will also be online.


Thank you. I will be looking forward to seeing your name to support us. Any donation will be greatly appreciated.



Lois Whitman-Hess



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