Eco-Friendly Floating Condos

Looking For An Alternative Life? Want To Run Away From It All? Tired Of Being Shut-In After The Pandemic? Here’s A Solution!

These Eco-Friendly Floating Condos Will Let You Live in Luxury Wherever There’s Water

We Have Two Alternatives For You, The Anthénea Floating Condo, Or The Arkup.

Anthenea Floating Condo

The Anthénea, a French company, plans to debut its dome-shaped apartments early next year.

Arkup, located in Miami, introduced their luxury floating home a few years ago. In fact, it’s located next to Star Island right outside my window. $5.5 million.

The Anthénea, created by French naval architect Jean-Michel Duacancelle, was inspired by the 1977 James Bond flick The Spy Who Loved Me. The Anthénea has a diameter of 31 feet and accommodates two adults or a family of four. It features a lounge, bar and kitchenette. The rooftop features a bar-slash-solarium for 12 guests.


Anthenea Floating Condo

You and your friends can dock near each other and form your own floating condo colony.

The Anthénea does not disturb the underwater ecosystem. It is fitted with solar panels and powered by 100 percent clean energy. It’s also equipped with an innovative anchoring system and sand screw which does minimal damage to the ocean floor.

Other green tech features a saltwater filtration system and a US Coast Guard-approved waste treatment system. The pod is 100 percent recyclable.

Anthenea Floating Condo


Anthénea says the pods can be used as exclusive oceanic condos, though the company is also looking to partner with resorts around the world.

Anthenea Floating Condo

Anthénea starts at $365,000. The floating spa model is $730,000.

Our Visit To The Bal Harbour Luxury Shopping Mall Yesterday.

We had lunch at the Bal Harbour Mall yesterday with good friend Neil Plakcy who is an award -winning author of 50 books to date. They’re all on sale at Amazon. You can imagine what our conversations were like considering he writes mysteries. We learn so much. His husband Marc couldn’t make it to lunch, He was greatly missed.

Most women who shop at Bal Harbour are thin and fashionable. I never got the memo.

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