Seeing Broadway Joe In That Superbowl Commercial Reminded Me He Told Me Something He Never Told Anyone Else

You are a Seenager. I am a Seenager. We are all Seenagers. Get ready to roar. My friend Debbie Nigro, and her partner, Charlie Ponger, started a new hysterical podcast talking about you and me, and all of our contemporaries.

Radio veterans Debbie Nigro and Charlie Ponger are the ringleaders uniting the 50+ generation on the one thing they all have in common. The desire to have as much fun as possible, while they still can…without hurting themselves.



New York, NY — “Tell me you didn’t crack up seeing Joe Namath having fun rockin’ his signature fur coat during the Super Bowl Draft King commercials?” said Debbie Nigro, Co-creator and Co-host of the trending comedy improve podcast ‘The Official Seenagers’ Can’t Make This Up.


Joe Namath just showed everyone a great example of the kind of fun antics we at ‘The Official Seenagers’ podcast applaud! Having fun making fun of himself. Love him.


What is a “Seenager”? “Senior Teenager’. A person in midlife or beyond who experiences or exhibits a renaissance of freedom, creativity, and social engagement like those usually present in a person’s teenage years. Most ‘Seenagers’ typically appear to be mature adults, parents and grandparents.


Broadway Joe’ Namath is obviously one of us. He’s very fun and very real as you’ll hear in the most recent episode of ‘The Official Seenagers’. He thoughtfully shares why he thinks people are still drawn to him, tells the story of his famous white shoes, gives up his grandpa name, and shares who he watches football games at home with and more. He even tells Debbie something he never told anyone before.


That Draft Kings Goddess of Fortune has nothing on me when it comes to Joe Namath,” said Debbie. “I’m The Goddess of Truth Serum. LOL


“Joe Namath’s outlook, spirit, and humor are a perfect example of what we and our show are all about.” said, Charlie Ponger, Co-Creator and Co-Host of The Official Seenagers. We’re all about the upside and often the hilarious reality of the 50+ generation. The younger generations also find us funny and way cool.


“Humor is in critical demand right now, says Debbie. It’s good for your immune system. Luckily the only thing anyone listening to us could possibly catch is a belly laugh”

Click below for podcast.


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