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Photo by Eliot Hess

Can you spot me in this photo by Eliot Hess? (View more ). What would Monica and Hillary say to each other if they met? There’s a play about that. I’m thrilled that the Miami Film Festival is back! There’s a new museumon Lincoln Road. Time Out Market is back too and it’s a unique dining experience. And I hope you’ll join me in NYC for the Three Tomatoes Renewal Summit on May 13.

Photo by Eliot Hess
Photo by Eliot Hess
Photo by Eliot Hess

March 3-27. When Monica Met Hillary

“When Monica Met Hillary,” a play about Monica Lewinsky meeting up with Hillary Clinton three decades later, has tongues wagging all over Miami. As far as we know, Monica and Hillary have never met. What if they did meet? What would they say to each other? I’m going to find out on March 12th when a group of us, are going to see the production at the Colony Theater on Lincoln Road.

March 4-13. Miami Film Festival

Miami really knows how to create a film festival. The 39th edition of the festival showcases the work of the world’s best emerging and established filmmakers. I just found out that the cash awards can total more than $100,000 in competition categories. I’m keeping my finger crossed that nothing stops the Miami Film Festival from happening this year.

Museum of Illusions

Lincoln Road, a walkable 10 block stretch of great shopping and dining in the heart of South Beach, is now home to a museum. Don’t worry. It’s not a stuffy historical one, but rather a fun entertainment center. It’s actuality a Museum of Illusions. My husband and I went there to check it out and I must say we found ourselves in the world of fantasy and imagination. 

Get Ready Again for a Unique Dining Experience

The famous Time Out Market is back after the Covid shutdown and offers folks every type of meal they could ever want under one roof. It’s like visiting a major food convention. What’s even more interesting is that the food establishment is going to feature a wide variety of special events. This is just perfect for people who want to go solo, or with a group. Everyone fits in.

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