Should We Apologize To Al Franken? Did We Over React?

Francie and Al Franken

Today I start working with David and Norman Chesky, founders of Chesky Records and HDtracks, promoting “The Mice War,” an animated children’s movie which explains the absurdity of war and the futility of violence. The movie will teach children, at an early age, not to make the same mistakes as those who came before them.


End of the month dinner for the February artists (Bony Ramirez, Nate Lewis and Patricia Ayres) in the residency program at Fountainhead Arts. Congratulations to all. We loved being included.


This was our month to co-sponsor artists-in-residence Bony Ramirez, Nate Lewis and Patricia Ayres at Fountainhead Arts. We shared the month with Leslie and Michael Weissman. Our theme was “Becoming an Artist is Not a Linear Path.”

We were delighted that Bony sold his “Where Are The Avocados” piece to the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami, also known as ICA Miami. Many of us gathered there today to celebrate Bony’s success.

Other local museums also bought art. Quite a successful month.

Bony Ramirez
Patricia Ayres
Nate Lewis

1 thought on “Should We Apologize To Al Franken? Did We Over React?

  1. The answer to your question is absolutely yes! The letter was very typical of the way Franken behaves. That is him. He was railroaded out of the Senate thanks to Kirsten Gillibrand and her efforts to paint him as a sexual predator. No one picked up on the fact that the woman who accompanied him on the trip to entertain the soldiers was a Fox News reporter and a friend of Roger Stone who announced that Franken had a problem before anyone else.

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