Susan Is Suddenly Single

Love and sex in your mature years. This is my client Susan Warner. She tells it all. Listen to the podcast. Get ready to blush. The link to the podcast is just below the photo.

Some like to impersonate Carrie Bradshaw with their fantastic and outlandish clothing and vast closets. Even Sarah Jessica Parker pretends to be Carrie Bradshaw when she  dresses to walk the red carpet. 

However, there is one gal in all of NYC who, if he knew her, should have been the muse for Darren Star. Let me introduce you to Susan S Warner, the adorable, petite blond who at 58 lost her handsome and extraordinary husband to cancer and six months prior, her wonderful son, 32, to death by suicide.

“And Just Like That,” Susan became Carrie. Carrie may have her beat on exposure, but Susan has her beat on life’s experiences. It’s now four years later. After the most challenging days and nights, Susan decided to live her best life possible and that meant, “Susan was suddenly single.”

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