Celebrating Purim At Kodesh House

Rabbi Marc Philippe and his wife (Rabbetzin) Valerie, hosted a wonderful Purim celebration last night in their backyard. Over 50 people attended because the gathering was very spiritual. The Rabbi and Valerie have started a spiritual and cultural center to offer everyone a new modern way to reach your inner soul.

Famed Artist John DeFaro, a long time good friend, is always eager to do a reality check on life. John’s parents lived on our floor in our NYC Co-Op. We were good neighbors for many decades.
55 years ago, September 9th, 1966, Eric Schneider (No relation. My maiden name is Schneider) and I, walked into Fairchild Publications to start our careers. We were messengers (copy girl/copy boy) for WWD, HFD and 10 other newspapers. We stayed in touch all these years and now live a few blocks from each other in South Beach. Guess what? We both still work. Eric has been a publisher for textile magazines for decades.
Rabbi Marc Philippe and Rebbetzin Valerie celebrating their new startup called Kodesh House, a spiritual and cultural center. All contributions are welcomed.
Valerie made the most delicious vegan chili and Hamantaschen for everyone. It was truly outstanding. It just warmed the heart. Food like that always works wonders.
Rabbi Marc Philippe is one of the most modern Rabbi’s in the universe. Young and older find him the answer to their dreams because he loves and accepts diversification and new ways of thinking. He sings and plays instruments like a rock star.

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