My Week

Moon over Miami! March 18, 2022. 6:39 am. Photo by me. Title: Land of tech.
Luna sobre Miami! 18 de marzo de 2022. 6:39 am. Foto hecha por mí. Título: Tierra de tecnología
This is my 7th week

Miami Life Insider’s Guide: Waterfront Dining, Underwater, Take the Train, Spiritual Center – The Three Tomatoes

Charo Oquet Offers A Life Lesson

We are so happy for Charo Oquet who had her steel installation unveiled tonight on the grounds of the Bass Museum. More then 50 fans showed up to applaud her work. Eliot and I love her art, love her look and love her heart. Listen to her speech. She lives in the moment. Photos by Eliot Hess.

Newly found sisters from different parents.



Daily Zoom call to discuss PR strategy for several projects. Great lesson yesterday. “Don’t promote the book you wrote. Promote the book you wanted to write.”

Viselman team: International Journalist Michele Manelis (long hair) and Ranny Levy, Kids First

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