Sex After 60!

Sex after 60! Can you wear your clothes? That may be a funny question to many of us but to those who are experiencing a second chapter in their lives, after losing a long time spouse or partner, this is serious because they may not like exposing themselves to a new person. Only someone like Susan Warner can tell you what to do. She has been through it all and today she is smiling.

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I Won Episode 49

Gadget for Your Little One w/ Calvin Cato | Gadget Game Show


Have you noticed that a lot of people are acting crazier than ever? Is it because of the full moon? My client, Dr. Arthur Bregman, a psychiatrist, gives you his opinion on how, lunar cycles affect human behavior.

Dr. B, (as longtime patients and friends call him) was the Chief of Psychiatry of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital for several decades and now runs his own private psychiatric practice, Bregman Medical Group.

Dr. B. has become internationally known through his podcast “The Breakdown with Dr. B,” where he conducts interviews and discusses various mental health topics with co-host Linda Corley

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