HANDL Founder Paints On Strings

When you own a HANDL phone case or HANDLstick, just remember these treasures were created by Allen Hirsch, the artist whose works are owned by collectors and museums all over the world.


One of his amazing pieces are his magical string paintings.

Hirsch’s art is founded on the principal that perceiving and feeling the subject automatically projects thru the hand onto the canvas. “I don’t have to look at the picture,” Hirsch says. “I just have to focus on internalizing the subject.” The string paintings emphasize this phenomenon; the felt image translates into little dabs of paint on strings which convert back into the perceived image in the viewer’s brain. “This is also a human parallel to the way computers digitalize images.”


There are metaphysical elements to these string paintings which also have inspired Hirsch. “These paintings show the transitory nature of the perceived image.  One looks at, and through the image, at the same time.”


According to physicists and mystics, matter is composed of small particles and is actually mostly empty space. “These paintings mirror this idea. The image hardly exists at all, except in the mind.” 



Be sure to visit www.AllenHirsch.com to see this art genius at work.




1 thought on “HANDL Founder Paints On Strings

  1. I love his paintings! So talented and gifted!
    First was one he did of Bill Clinton when I was member of the Bill Clinton Political Information Collectors… been love ever since!

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