We Have The Most Famous Foyer In Miami

Jayda, we now have the most famous foyer in Miami. We are thrilled for you but pleased with ourselves that we loved your work before Town & Country made you a global sensation. Your feature today is absolutely a dream come true. Well deserved. Congratulations!!

2022 is the year of Jayda Knight. Town & Country just did a major feature on this brilliant artist. Gail Williams and Dawn McCall teamed up with her at their gallery, Williams McCall, and we joined the fan club. https://www.townandcountrymag.com/leisure/arts-and-culture/a40549084/flying-knight-artist-miami/


Here is my Miami Life column this week in the Three Tomatoes newsletter. We are getting a second Soho House in Miami this year. See the list of everyone participating in Miami Spice so far. Daycations are becoming a great get away. And let’s not forget the exciting Duck Tour excursions.

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Miami Life: Daycations, Duck Tour, SoHo House, Β Miami Spice

Miami Life: Daycations, Duck Tour, SoHo House, Miami Spice – The Three Tomatoes


Ron Moorman
Dan Greenberg
Alexa Wolman
Alfonso Castano
Beth Young
Jill Brooke
Jeff Zink
Jana Reithausen
Bobby Willians

Dana Greenberg
Murphy Cross

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