Mr. Watusi,

Don’t ever let me hear you say another negative word about Biden’s walk, speech, age, hugging, and family. Biden is a prince amongst men. We owe him a lifetime of thanks for being exactly who he is. I love him no matter what.


Dear Ron,

You really need to worry about your soul. All the hate you have for people who want to live in the modern world is going to poison your health and the health of your immediate family. Change before it’s too late. You are going to wake up years from now and realize you lived a life of negativity. You spent your best years trying to destroy others. You are suppose to be helping, not grandstanding on hateful issues. Look in the mirror. Do you want to be remembered as a clueless politician who was an old school thinker? That’s exactly what is going to happen to you. Your children will have to spend their adult years apologizing for what you said and did. Don’t do that to them. I pray you see the light.



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