Just Remember I’m One Of The Few Mature Women On Earth Who Has Never Had Any Work Done On My Face.

So when you take a photo with me, keep that in mind. Last week I had dinner with a plastic surgeon. I’m sure I ruined his appetite when he had to stare at my turkey neck. Never did a man desire to overtake a woman in his life. I will probably stay knife free forever. If I change my mind, you will be the first to know. It may be too late for me to be a Vogue girl.

30 Pictures That Prove Goldie Hawn Is an Ageless Summer Beauty Muse


From her iconic golden shag to her famous sunny disposition, Goldie Hawn embodies the spirit of summer. It only makes sense she’d shoot right to the top of our beauty moodboard as the temperatures begin to soar.

Throughout her four-decade career, Hawn has served up an irresistible summer beauty aesthetic: a bright, fluttery gaze, a fresh-from-the-beach glow, and variations on effortlessly cool, slightly rumpled hair. An aspiring dancer, Hawn first came into public view in the mid-’60s with a windswept blonde bob that paired perfectly with a set of kittenish flicks. She then came out swinging on the late ’60s scene in sketch variety show Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In,dazzling viewers with her comedic chops and an It-girl cut: a tousled pixie with eyelash-grazing fringe.

Into the ’70s, Hawn let her blanched crop grow down to her collarbones, her extended lengths shaped into a smooth, feathered shag that would come to be her signature. Who could forget the bloom-adorned half-up style and stacks of false lashes she wore to accept her Oscar for 1969’s Cactus Flower? Looking nothing short of the California girl the Beach Boys waxed on about, Hawn spend the rest of the decade (a standout moment being her turn as wannabe actress Jill Haynes in 1975’s groovy Shampoo) and the ’80s finessing the texture of her shaggy mane, embracing everything from crispy waves to a fanned-out blowout with a sun-kissed complexion and a slick of shimmering lip gloss. It’s no wonder her longtime partner, Kurt Russell, fell for her on the set of 1987’s Overboard, their relationship a Hollywood love story that’s as enduring as Hawn’s charm.

As Hawn continued to rule the silverscreen in the ’90s—for proof, look no further than 1992’s Death Becomes Her or 1996’s The First Wive’s Club—she rounded out her 40s and rung in her 50s by sticking to her smoke-show signatures including her tell-tale golden shag, full lashes, ruby-tinged lips, and flushed cheeks. And proving there’s no age limit on a true bombshell, over the last two decades the one and only Goldie Hawn has continued to be a year-round summer beauty muse. See some of her standout hair and makeup moments over the years—and get inspiration for your own seasonal style—below.

  • 1964Photo: Getty Images1/301964
  • 1964Photo: Getty Images
  • Image may contain Human Person Food Meal Grass Plant Goldie Hawn Confectionery Sweets Finger and DishPhoto: Getty Images3/301967Image may contain Face Human Person Goldie Hawn and FrecklePhoto: Getty Images4/301968

  • Image may contain Clothing Apparel Human Person Skin Shorts Face Furniture Chair Dress and Goldie HawnPhoto: Getty Images5/301967
  • 1971Photo: Getty Images6/301971
  • 1972Photo: Getty Images7/301972
  • 1980Photo: Getty Images8/301980
  • Image may contain Electrical Device Microphone Human Person and Goldie HawnPhoto: Getty Images13/301990MORE FROM VOGUE
  • 1990Photo: Getty Images14/301990
  • 1992Photo: Getty Images15/301992
  • 1995Photo: Getty Images16/301995
  • 2003Photo: Getty Images21/302003MORE FROM VOGUEl
  • Image may contain Human Person Sunglasses Accessories Accessory Goldie Hawn Face Necklace Jewelry Hair and BlondePhoto: Getty Images22/302005
  • 2007Photo: Getty Images23/302007
  • Image may contain Human Person Sunglasses Accessories Accessory Finger Evening Dress Fashion Clothing and GownPhoto: Getty Images24/302008
  • 2017Photo: Getty Images29/30

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