Just A Few Things I Read

James Patterson On James Patterson

Just finished “James Patterson on James Patterson.” He had a major confession. It was difficult to believe considering Patterson is such an upstanding citizen. In the 1960’s, he actually stole a two-tone Pontiac GTO convertible, powder blue and white, for a joy ride. The owner left the keys in the parked car at a state fair in upstate New York. Jimmy spotted the opportunity, jumped in, revved up the engine and took off. Lucky for him, he was able to return the car without getting caught. I just can’t imagine this best selling author taking such a chance. You and me maybe, but not Jimmy.


Report: In New Memoir, Jared Kushner Says He Wasn’t Willing to Turn His Back on Saudi Prince Over One Measly Murder-by-Bone Saw
He’s also pinkie-promised that the $2 billion investment he got from the kingdom’s sovereign wealth fund had nothing to do with sweeping the killing under the rug.

Read in Vanity Fair: https://apple.news/AvB7lpKpCSq-lgaVoBeucqA


Joy Behar is immune to cancellation
After 25 years on The View, Joy Behar knows the strong reaction she provokes in people. She’s fine with it

Read in TIME: https://apple.news/AaKkB7y2sRYS_k6UdLCqvDA

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