Training Our Older Brains


Every once in a while I test my memory to make sure I am still all there. Then Eliot insists that he tells me something one minute and, five minutes later, I ask him the same thing again. Personally, I don’t think I am listening to him, but he thinks I am losing it.

I tell him he’s the one who is losing it, and we argue back and forth about who is entering dementia first. By the time we stop fighting, we have both forgotten what we were arguing about. Oops, we both are going downhill.

I recently found out that we can still make our brains stronger if we constantly challenge them. There is a series of online exercises from Lumosity that have been designed to train a range of cognitive functions, from working memory to fluid intelligence.

Lumosity brain games and brain training is also available as a mobile app, on the Apple App Store and on Android.

The creators of Lumosity say that 97% of users improve their brain skills. You can see a difference in just ten hours. Don’t keep this a secret. Get everyone over 50 to start training their brains now.

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