You Can’t Have Interactions and Experiences with Co-Workers from Home

Under One Roof

Under One Roof

In one of the biggest decision reversals in the digital world, Marissa Mayer, new CEO of Yahoo, decisively told her employees over the weekend that all remote employees better start checking in on a full-time basis at company headquarters by June. “You have to have interactions and experiences with co-workers, and that can only happen at the Yahoo offices.” This statement is so “yesterday” that I just can’t imagine that they stick to this plan. There is probably a major revolution brewing within the walls of Yahoo.

Business Insider spells out why Mayer made this decision and you can read it here. However, the short and long of it is that she doesn’t feel many of the Yahoo employees are productive. “A lot of people hide,” she said in a statement. “No one knows what they do. The company has been lazy over the last 15 years.” She is going to whip it in shape.

On the other hand, we have senior writer Lisa Belkin, life, work, and family editor at Huffington Post, who says Mayer is dismissing what parents see as one of the most important elements in juggling home and work. Just as I said yesterday in my DigiDame post, Belkin questions Mayer’s decision considering that when she took the CEO position at Yahoo last summer she was five months pregnant and had flexible work hours.

Belkin also pointed out that Mayer, now the youngest woman CEO ever to lead a Fortune 500 company, should embrace the “modern family-friendly workplace. Rather than championing a blending of life and work, she is calling for an enforced and antiquated division.”

Belkin suggests that Mayer take a deep breath and reassess the situation, employee by employee. She goes so far as to say, “This is just bad business.” Read it here.

2 thoughts on “You Can’t Have Interactions and Experiences with Co-Workers from Home

  1. The future will show if Marissa Meyer made the right decision, or not. What is interesting to this point is how Yahoo stock has appreciated about 30% since Meyer became CEO. At the same time, Apple stock has dropped 35%. Who would have thought that Yahoo’s stock would outperform Apple’s stock by 65% just 5 months ago?

    • Todd, as always I value your comments. I don’t think a stock valued at $440.91 (Apple) should be compared to a stock at $20.74 (Yahoo) is a fair comparison. You bring up a very interesting point that I have been thinking about for a while. So far Mayer is improving the stock with cosmetics, an update to the home page and the PR on “no remote workers.” There could be others but I don’t remember them. She is in the honeymoon stage now with investors. Unless she starts making Yahoo a much needed site, the stock is going right back to where it was when she started. Hiring Mayer while she was pregnant was a PR coup. All attention went to Yahoo after her apppointment. Genius. There were years when no one paid attention to Yahoo. Apple obviously doesn’t care about its stock because Tim Cook would be preaching to the investment community. He is no Steve Jobs but he should be doing a better job at trying.

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