We Never Had It So Good





When we were in our 20s and 30s, no one was concerned about our work environment. We were just thrilled to get a paycheck.

Today, maturing digital companies in Silicon Valley, Seattle, and even New York, are literally building country clubs as offices in order to attract creative talent who are willing to work long hours.

When you read about what is being offered, you too will want to move right in.

Apple, Google, Facebook, eBay, Intel, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Netflix, Nvidia, and Oracle are just a few of the companies offering state-of-the art everything: world class auditoriums for concerts, orchards for walkways and meditation, walls you can draw on, ping pong tables, LEGO stations, gaming arcades, free haircuts, yoga, cardio-kickboxing, golf classes, free meals, massages, and gyms.

After a work life like this, do you think any of these kids could drive a cab, bus tables, or be a soda jerk if they suddenly needed to supplement their incomes? I remember when I switched jobs in 1974. I went from a sizable publishing house to a boutique magazine business. While I was being paid a lot more money, I sure missed the in-house dining room at my former company. The new job was in a town house and I had to leave the premises for a cup of coffee.

There were many a day that the dining room was calling my name. I came this close to running back to the big corporation. I just can’t imagine how any of these Silicon Valley employees will feel when it comes time to move on.

That is exactly what these tech companies wanted to accomplish. USA Today has a lot more to say about this.







2 thoughts on “We Never Had It So Good

  1. Interestingly, however, I postulate that workers in the pre-country club office environment got to turn off the typewriter at 5 pm and go home and be left alone to have a personal life. Today you may get a hammock at your desk, but you will be doing work at 11 pm on your couch too.

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