Cuba Group at La Gloutonnerie



I am writing this to you on Monday night. It will get posted Tuesday and most of you won’t read it until Wednesday. Eliot and I went out with five members of our Cuba-bound group tonight for dinner before all twenty of us meet at the plane at 6 am Tuesday morning.

This fancy French restaurant in South Beach, Florida, was selected because everyone heard that the food in Cuba is awful. We chowed down.

Several of us admitted that we packed lots of snacks. Eliot packed sixty bars of Medifast, so we are totally covered. I am willing to bet that Eliot and I will love the food. We were also told that no matter how much we dress down, the Cubans will know we are tourists. I am not sure what that means, but I’m planning to wear my typical black and gray attire.

Of course, the discussions at dinner focused on no cell or Internet activity for the next six days. That is not stopping any of us from bringing our gear. Everyone wants their camera rolls with them so they can sneak peeks of their grandchildren and pets. It was also interesting to hear how some folks had loaded their tablets with movies while others had downloaded books to read.

I am not exactly sure when they think we will have any time. The agenda is jam-packed with art hunts, visits to art studios, art lectures, and visits to the homes of artists. The entire tour was put together by an art organization from Provincetown, Massachusetts, affectionally known as P-town.

I plan to take a lot of pictures on my iPhone, so at the first sign of a wireless connection, watch out!

Till then . . .

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