Let Your Mouth Do the Typing


As I have mentioned before, I usually do all my writing on my iPhone. That means my right hand is always holding the iPhone with a tight grip. I’m a lefty so I hold the iPhone with my right hand and type with my left. Over the years, I think I have developed some sort of a carpal tunnel in my right arm. Actually, I’m not sure what they would call it.

The other day, my good friend Howard Stark reminded me that I could be using the mic right on the keyboard to dictate copy for DigiDame. I looked at him in amazement. What was he talking about?

I totally forgot, or I just didn’t remember. There is a mic icon on the bottom of the keyboard right next to the space bar. All you have to do is press the mic and start dictating. Your dictation will be spelled out right into the email. Remember to verbally say the punctuation marks when you are dictating or to edit after.

The reason this is so good is that I don’t have to hold my iPhone in my right hand. I need to give my right arm a vacation. I hope the aches and pains will clear up.

I know for a fact that email will take the dictation from the mic. I don’t know if other documents will because I haven’t tried them yet. WordPress, the software program I use for my blog, will not accept the dictation. I figured a way around that. I dictate into an email and then cut-and-paste.

Remember, the mic icon is right next to the space bar. You can’t miss it. Try it. It is so much fun. I could feel my arm getting better already.

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