Mini Drones Will Play A Big Role In The Military

I wanted to show you one of the smallest drones you will ever see. It’s still in the development stage. I’m fascinated that we live in an era where we have UAV’s, unmanned aerial vehicles, for both recreation and government purposes.

CyPhy Works, a technology company from Danvers, MA, is making these tiny drones for the military. They have been designed so U.S. soldiers can carry them around in their uniform’s pockets. Called the Extreme Access Pocket Flyer, the drone weighs 80 grams and can fly for two hours. It transmits HD-quality video. The Pocket Flyer has been designed to be used for search and rescue. It will help find people in collapsed buildings or areas of devastation.

The video will show you exactly how it works. It’s so interesting. Just think about it, one day, we all might own a mini UAV for all kinds of purposes. I want to be among the first.

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