Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, You’re Really A TV



I have stayed at the best hotels in the world, and some of the worst. I think I have seen it all, At least I thought I did until I walked in to our guest room at the Mondrian Hotel, in West Hollywood, earlier today.

There was an object in the room that looked like a mirror but doubled as a TV, It is totally bizarre but I love it, Eliot thinks it’s stupid, He would rather have a larger flat screen TV.

The TV inside the mirror is a Sony 42-inch unit, It took us a while to figure out how the TV got inside the mirror. We discovered that it was the brainchild of Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz, the interior designer responsible for the new look at the hotel. It was very clever to take an ordinary TV and turn it into an art piece.

I guess you have to be a lover of contemporary installations to appreciate it, At the very least, it shows great energy and positive thinking.

1 thought on “Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, You’re Really A TV

  1. TV Mirror? Ingenious !!! Guess who finally is in southern India? Doing it with OAT with 11 other people. In day 4 of 17. Got it on a last minute booking. Our 9th trip with them. Have you and Elliott made it back to India? Say hey to the Fab 5 travelers!
    Hugs, Phil n Anne

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