Give Me Sony, Or Give Me Death

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I’m not saying that Sony lied from the beginning but this is a clear case of when “opportunity knocks,” run with it! Having been in PR for most of my adult life, I think I have the advantage of knowing when something is real or manufactured. For those of you who don’t believe me, all I have to say, in the famous words of Joan Rivers is, “Grow Up.”

There is no doubt in my mind that Sony initially thought they received some notification from North Korea that they hacked their email servers plus threatened to attack theaters nationwide 9/11 style if they released “The Interview.” However, I’m sure just a few days later they learned that a disgruntled employee was the mastermind behind the whole event.

Sony was just embarrassed to admit they had fallen for the prank. After all, the President of the United States, had basically told everyone in the country that they had the right to see the movie. At this point Sony was not willing to make any retractions. They were too deeply involved.

If Sony is smart, no will ever find out the truth. They should just play dumb and pray that ticket sales at movie theaters, YouTube, and other digital services, generate record-breaking numbers.

This is what the Twitter community had to say.

Gabe Bergado @gabebergado
Did Seth Rogen just take a selfie with a point and shoot camera? Now we know this movie is totally fake #TheInterview

LiberalPaul @LiberalPaul
Apparently, the best way to get Americans to watch something is to tell them they cannot watch it. #TheInterview

David Johnson @DJtakespictures
For those of you watching #TheInterview at home, I’ll be driving door to door selling $18 bags of microwave popcorn and $10 cans of soda.

Patrick White @PatrickWhiteEsq
Well, that was one of the most brilliantly orchestrated marketing campaigns in history #TheInterview

Guy Endore-Kaiser @GuyEndoreKaiser
Sony has a site where you can watch The Interview for $5.99 and I can’t think of a single reason not to trust them with my credit card info.

Xerø @Ecksearoh
Wow #TheInterview was horrible. The Koreans were actually trying to save us from that awfulness.

J-DIEZEL (@JDiezelFitness)
#The Interview was exactly what I thought: American propaganda at its worst. Vulgar, unfunny, immature humor. Why Hollyweird why

Jared Carson (@CarsonJared)
Seth Rogen surprised moviegoers at a midnight screening of #The Interview in #LosAngeles…

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