Your Meds And Too Much Exercise Can Cause Gum Disease And Tooth Decay 


No one can accuse me of doing too much exercise. Here I am on my daily morning stroll. Nice and easy

For the last few weeks, I have been working on a marketing campaign for Waterpik, my client. It’s all about why certain people have bad gums and tooth decay. 

I wanted to alert you about this ever increasing problem. Many of us are taking certain medications that are causing us to have a decrease of saliva in our mouths. This is called dry mouth. It is also commonly found in those who strenuously exercise (fitness fanatics, athletes). Drinking lots of water does not help.

Why does a dry mouth cause such problems? Saliva has high levels of oxygen, which helps to keep the bad anaerobic bacteria at bay. Saliva is also a natural cleanser that helps wash unwanted debris and bacteria away. If you mouth is dry due to meds or exercise, it becomes a breeding ground for all kinds of problems. 


It is obvious that you are not going to stop taking your meds, and athletes are not going to stop working out and playing sports. Therefore, it is recommended that you should do everything you can to improve your dental hygiene regimen. Make sure you remove the debris and bacteria that could be lurking deep between teeth and below the gumline. 

If you have dental problems, let me help you get the Waterpik® Water Flosser. It is ideal for getting rid of debris. I have wanted to make this offer for a while but now I have some inventory. All you are going to have to do is write a review for me. 

Just so you know, the Waterpik® Water Flosser has precisely controlled pressure and pulsation settings that remove plaque bacteria and improve gum health. It also features a new pulse-modulation technology that provides enhanced gum stimulation. The action of stimulating and massaging the gums may stimulate saliva production and alleviate dry mouth in addition to removing the bad bacteria. 

It doesn’t matter if you think this is a self-serving commercial. Save your mouth. This is a limited offer, so act fast.  

Miami Beach very early in the morning.



6 thoughts on “Your Meds And Too Much Exercise Can Cause Gum Disease And Tooth Decay 

  1. Im on my second waterpic lois and have been using one for 20 years. Clean checkup ever since. I’ll write a review.

  2. I would be grateful as Jeffrey had his checkup yesterday and they suggested water pik-I will write review

  3. Steve and I both have that “dry mouth syndrome” from meds. Would love to see if it makes a difference, and we could both write a review.

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