Technology Kills 

My friend’s father, a big time judge, died when he couldn’t get his iPhone to work. He mastered the iPad, but at 87, for some reason, his new iPhone was giving him trouble. He tried to work it for days. One night he told his wife, “I will never get this thing.” He had his dinner, went to sleep and never got up.

When I heard this story I thought to myself, “I can totally relate.” Not that I think I’m going to die, but I actually felt the Judge’s exasperation. We all get challenged by technology from time to time. If the Internet goes down, or I lost my passwords, or even if I can’t check-out of an online store, I get so frustrated. The out-of-control sensation really makes you feel like you are on the outside, looking in. You feel totally disconnected. I wonder if the judge felt so overwhelmed that he just gave up? 

I just wanted to share that story with you. Don’t give up. Call on someone to help you, I do that everyday.

News not to miss.

GoPro’s CEO makes $284 million a year. That’s four times as much money as Apple’s Tim Cook. Click here for the Mashable story. 

The Whitney Museum moved downtown in NYC. The video illustrations in the NY Times are cutting edge. Click here.

How Meryl Streep is Using Her Own Money to Combat Ageism and Sexism in Hollywood. A Vanity Fair exclusive. Click here

Largest Picasso painting in the world is getting a new New York City home. Nothing is forever. For the Mashable story, click here.

On a personal note.

Introducing the other H in HWH PR. Stanley Hochstadt, a prince of a man. It’s been years since we’ve seen each other, but I still feel close to him. I just became friends with him and his wife Sandy on Facebook. Thank you social media. 

  Sandy and Stanley Hochstadt 


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