Moleskine Goes Digital 

 Image: New York Times

I always wondered why so many folks enjoy taking notes in small black Moleskine notebooks. It doesn’t matter how digitally oriented they are, they still like to write down things the old fashion way. Some of my friends even have multiple books they have used stored on shelves in their home office. They would never think of throwing them away.

There is something about a small personal  notebook with an elastic band that makes it so special. Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh and Ernest Hemingway wrote and sketched in small black notebooks according to Arrigo Berni, chief executive of Moleskine SpA, the Milan-based company that now makes Moleskine notebooks.

Today, the Moleskine notebooks feature many digital attributes. The company has partnership with  Adobe, FiftyThree, Evernote and Livescribe. That means you can upload content from Moleskine notebooks to smartphones and tablets just by using various software programs. 

Read more about Moleskine in the New York Times. Click here

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