Our First Visit To Martha’s Vineyard  

It’s difficult to believe that Eliot and I have traveled all over the world but we have never been to Martha’s Vineyard. We are here for five days because the oldest daughter, of our long time friend and former client, Marty Homlish and his wife Joanne, is getting married on their estate tomorrow night. Joanne and Marty have four adult children. 

Marty has had a brilliant career in tech. He was one of the top executives at Sony, SAP, and HP. I met him almost 40 years ago when he was a marketing manager at JVC. All six Homlish’s vacationed with us a number of times in the Hamptons. We are thrilled to be celebrating with them.

Cecilia, the first Homlish grandchild born five weeks ago.

We have been touring around a lot but absolutely fell in love with the Queen Anne architecture in Oak Bluffs. Even though we are devoted fans of contemporary design, we do appreciate the details of the style that was so popular from 1880 to 1910. 

The first house we were swooning over belongs to Peter Norton, the successful computer programmer, software publisher, author, and philanthropist. 

Norton’s house draws tourists from all over the world. Many people try to enter because they think it’s a hotel. He had to post a sign at the entrance that says  “Private Home” in order to keep strangers from congregating on his porch. 

Other houses we admired below. All photos: Eliot Hess.

3 thoughts on “Our First Visit To Martha’s Vineyard  

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Lois. We, too, have never been here and never imagined this kind of architecture. It’s truly unique.

  2. Please congratulate Marty for me. My first time in Martha’s Vineyard is when I rented his (presumably former) house in Oak Bluffs when we both worked at Sony!

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