Guilty As Charged 

When I was in my ’20s, I would get furious if someone referred to me as a girl. I would open my big mouth to correct them. “I am woman, hear me roar.” 

In the last number of years. I find myself referring to other females as “girls.” I’m sorry, I can’t help myself. It just slips out. I know where it’s coming from. I want to be a girl. I want to be young again with my whole career ahead of me. 

Instead, I’m an elderly woman pretending to be young. While I’m working, I feel young. It works very well until I pass a mirror. Then I scream in horror. Who is that senior woman looking back at me? 

My friend, Kent Karosen, Managing Director/Partner of Cantor Fitzgerald, and author “Why Can’t Grandma Remember My Name?” hates when I call the women in his office, “girls.” The ladies are in their late 20’s, so to me they are “girls.” He is always correcting me. It’s embarrassing, especially since I have been a career woman all my life.

I also recently read that actress Mayim Bialik really dislikes when people calling women “girls”. She also did a YouTube video about it.  The Big Bang Theory star wants people to think about the language they use when describing women. She is really passionate about it. Her video generated over 44,000 views.  She makes some great points. I hope you watch it.

2 thoughts on “Guilty As Charged 

  1. Lois, loved the video. I too am guilty once in a while of using “girl ” instead of “woman” and I realize that it’s been in my later years. Mayim is so right about men calling women girls when they are referring to them. I remember that it used to really make me angry when I heard a man do it and now I find myself occasionally doing the same thing.

  2. Excellent topic since I’ve long been an advocate for how language usage shapes the view of aging and older people. Same is true for women, others. Video is absolutely correct about how much language and the words matter in determining how we perceive one another.

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