Whizzing By 

Stan and me

I love discovering new inventions and introducing them to others. That is my specialty. I turned that passion into a profession. That joy never gets old.  

My new discovery may seem like one for those under 50, but may be us older folks can have some fun too with a portable, foldable, electric scooter. These are the kind of e-bikes that can be used for a 20-mile joy ride. Or we can use an e-bike when we go shopping to avoid parking problems and parking fees. 

I first learned about the Whizzy Ride e-scooters from Wojciech Stan Stanowski, one of the entrepreneurs who brought the Whizzy scooters to the United States, first stop Miami. We met each other at a Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce meeting last week. When Stan heard I was a publicist in the consumer electronics industry, he invited me to his showroom at 820 Collins Avenue to see the lineup of Whizzy bikes. 

The scooters are foldable and can easily be transported in a car or on a boat. Other features include no gas expense and bluetooth speakers to connect your phone and listen to your favorite music during a ride.

You can buy or rent. $1,385 purchase price. Let me know if you want a test ride. I will make all of the arrangements. 


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