Teachers Use Facial Recognition To See If You Are Concentrating  

No more nodding off in class. It was just a matter of time when technology would catch students taking a snooze during a lecture on their laptops. I remember watching young friends close their eyes when e-learning lessons first came about. I wondered why teachers would tolerate this type of classroom. 

I just heard the ESG Business School in Paris has developed an artificial intelligence program to identify whether students are paying attention. The software program, called Nestor, uses webcams to examine eye movements and facial expressions. That helps to establish whether the students are actually attentive to a video lecture. 

Marcel Saucet, founder of LCA Learning, the company which created Nestor, said the software has 20 key landmarks on the face of the user — eyes, brows, lips, jaw — Nestor can understand how the user behaves in front of a 5-minute video lesson.

Saucet also told Mashable, a tech blog, “If a certain student’s attention wanes after 2 minutes and 30 seconds, for instance, a notification will pop up on the screen 10 seconds before that timestamp to warn them”  

Make sure you watch the video to see how they wake up sleeping students.


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