Meet Steve Guttenberg 

You probably thought I was talking about the actor, Steve Guttenberg. Nope. I’m talking about Steve Guttenberg, the audiophile. 

Wikipedia defines an audiophile as “a person who is enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction. Audiophile values may be applied at all stages of music reproduction: the initial audio recording, the production process, and the playback, which is usually in a home setting.”

Steve is one of the most respected audiophiles in the business. If you go to an audio trade show, you usually see a crowd surrounding him. Everyone is interested in his opinions about new products, his thoughts about the future of music, and how not to spend a fortune, yet get the best sounds out of a home system. 

I have been very fortunate to know many audiophiles during my 50-year career. Many of them have been good friends of mine because we worked so closely promoting stereo sound. I got really lucky when I met Steve. He has been very generous with his knowledge of music and has always offered to explain things to me in the simplest of terms. He has a way with words. 

Stereophile, a leading magazine that covers high-end audio, recently asked Guttenberg to spell out his perspective on a variety of audio-related topics. He defines the term “audiophile,” while describing why the sounds of music are so important to him.

Give yourself a treat. Watch the video. If you love music, you will love it even more after you hear Steve describes how he listens to music, what it means to him, and names some of the best equipment in the business.  

Guttenberg is a true treasure in both the music and audio business. He is passionate, honest and a great story teller. Enjoy! 

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