The Perils Of PR 

I’ve been in the PR business for 40 years and it never gets old. The only trouble is that sometimes our clients don’t appreciate the publicity as much as we do. The hit my agency got for a novel smartphone case like The Butt on NPR could skyrocket sales. 

However, our client is a serious artist (painter and sculptor) who wants the public to appreciate and respect his art. 

This show on NPR spoofs The Butt. In my opinion, this is one of the best kind of PR bits for a product. It’s all about getting potential customers to remember you.

Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me! 
National Public Radio
Bluff The Listener
Bluff The Listener : NPR

NPR › 2017/07/22 › bluff-the-listener

The panelists on the show read three stories about an exciting new tech accessory, only one of which is true.

NPR – July 22, 2017
You can listen to the broadcast here.

1 thought on “The Perils Of PR 

  1. 1. What was his (unintelligible) word?
    2. Did he like the publicity or not?
    3. Did you plant it… or did the show find it (as indicated?
    That’s one of my fave shows.

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