Fourth Time In Helsinki 

We have been touring non-stop on this trip: buses, trains, over night cruises, ferry boats, and four city-to-city airplane trips. We are not done. Tomorrow, a bullet train to St. Petersburg. We walk about 10,000 steps per day and climb at least 10 flights.

We think this is our 10th Smartours trip but we are not sure. There might be one or two that we forgot about. We did count that we have been to this city four times because we needed to take Finnair.  It never disappoints. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. We have been all over the world and still have many more places to go.  

I hope we have the strength to continue these journeys and the world finds some peace. The horrors of this last week were very upsetting. We hope better days ahead.

The oldest restaurant in Helsinki. I just had the most delicious artichoke soup.

Helsinki seaport. The ships in the background are ice breakers.

The Helsinki Cathedral. Yes, I walked up all those steps.

The Sibelius Monument (Finnish: Sibelius-monumentti) is dedicated to the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius (1865–1957).

The Sibelius Sculpture.

Sibelius himself

An upward view of the Sibelius.

Lovers Locks On A City Bridge

A Closer Look

Sky Wheel And Sauna Baths.

The Marketplace.

The Newest Sauna In Helsinki.

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