From Russia With Love

Everyone on the trip with us was super excited to get to Russia.  We didn’t know what to expect. The local tour guide gave us a quick overview of St. Petersburg via a bus and river boat. The architecture is quite beautiful and the folks here look like everyone else in the world. Of course, we only traveled a few square miles. 

The internet is quite good and the Marriott Courtyard is very accommodating. Tonight we went out to a Chinese restaurant which was terrific and the staff couldn’t be nicer. We pointed to pictures on the menu just like we did in Japan. Very civilized.

The Bullet Train from Helsinki to St. Petersburg.

After 3 1/2 hours, we arrived

A little too busy for me.

On our list for tomorrow.

Being silly

The ballet theatre

Stunning architecture.



A mirror image of a ballet school housed in two separate buildings.

The onion domes

Just like the picture book.

Checking out that I am really here.

The Four Seasons Hotel

The world is the same all over. Everyone looking for a bargain out of the trunk of a car.

Russian license plates


Our afternoon cruise

Capturing the sights.

Russian tour guide

Trying to see it all.


4 thoughts on “From Russia With Love

  1. Russia’s history—so emotional, so complicated, so tragic, is reflected in its architecture. It seems that they have preserved some older buildings. Good for them. We too often destroy our old buildings, in favor of ‘modernization’!

  2. I’ve enjoyed your travel log and pictures so much. You’ve captured the best places of interest in each city.Fabulous photography. Much thanks to you and Eliot for sharing all this. I will pick your brain about certain venues when you get back. Wish i were there with you!

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