The Hermitage 

Our Russian tour guide gave us a real workout today. You don’t really get to lose weight because the bread and pastries are so fabulous. They were equally as good in the Scandinavian countries. I don’t remember any Smartours trip having such delicious food, both provided by the tour package and the restaurants we went to on our own. 

Our group only has 16 people. We started out with 18 but a couple from Northern California were called home when a member of their family was hospitalized. We never traveled with such a small group, but we soon became a family looking out for each other.

One couple comes from Trinidad and Barbados. Others are from Brooklyn, New Jersey, Chicago, West Virginia, and Arizona. One single gal is a history teacher at Huntington High School on Long Island. We are also traveling with a pathologist who told me some very interesting things that I will share in a future blog post.

One of our stops today was the fabulous  Hermitage Museum. It was so overwhelming and beautiful that you felt the past was very present. 


6 thoughts on “The Hermitage 

  1. If I remember correctly, because I was there in 1972 while working for United Airlines, don’t they have a few Gauguins?

  2. What fabulous photos of the ornate architectural remnants of Russia’s rich and tragic past! Yes, royalty and the wealthy did actually live like that—and no comment about how it all ended for them! My favorite is the top photo, a selfie of you and your husband in front of the Hermitage!

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