The Sounds Of Irma 

Every once in a while we hear a huge crash outside our 9th floor window. It sounds like broken glass falling. It’s actually terra cotta tiles falling off the roof of this high rise office and hotel complex. It’s smashing on the floor of the pool terrace just below our window. A peek through the curtain reveals a pile of shattered tiles that will sooner or later fall into the pool. 

After several hours of listening to the tiles falling, it starts to feel commonplace. Every time it happens, Eliot and I laugh a little bit. It reminds us that we are in the middle of one of the worst hurricanes ever. 

We are tucked away in our luxurious hotel suite with all the comforts of home. We are so thankful for our niece Val and nephew Alfredo for including us in their hurricane evacuation plans. 

We don’t have any electricity, TV, or A/C right now but we are still so much better off than those who drove for hours to avoid the hurricane, and then had to drive again to other cities because the storm was chasing them.  We brought movies, music, Audible, e-readers, crank-up radios, flashlights, batteries, food,  protein bars, snacks, wine, water, soda, and weed (only kidding on the last one) with us.

I’m going to be upset if I can’t post today’s blog because I haven’t missed a day in over five years. Something had to happen sooner or later. We are going to be in this hotel for a while because there is a lot of debris on the road and the last thing we need is a flat tire.

The staff at the Colonnade has been superb. The lobby has electricity, alcohol, food and all kinds of supplies. It’s amazing how many guests prefer to remain in their rooms and take care of themselves. People brought their cats and dogs so I guess they are just happy to be safe and secure.

Now I am going to try to post this.  I just heard free ice cream in the lobby. What do I do first? 


11 thoughts on “The Sounds Of Irma 

  1. Lois and Elliot- Thanks for the wonderful updates, so glad you’re safe & sound at The Colonnade. Watching from afar in VT. Take care + enjoy your ice cream! Connie & John Cioffi

  2. What a way to shelter in place! Glad you are safe. So glad Irma played out the worst of her fury before she hit Florida and that Jose is being tamed before he can mimic her behavior.

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