Stay Or Run 

Our Miami friend, Dawn McCall, called this morning to check on us. She lives in our building but spends her summers up north. She asked an interesting question. “Would you and Eliot make the same decision to stay in Miami for another  hurricane?”

I thought I knew the answer to that (yes) until I watched the news today and saw some of the devastation. If you are going to ride out a hurricane at home, or on vacation, I sugggest you stay in a huge concrete structure. I learned that no one knows for sure where the eye of a storm will land, so there is no good choice. You have to be lucky. We got very lucky this time, but I don’t  know if that will happen again. 

One thing I do know is that we are not getting in a car to outrun a storm. I watched friends drive north only to end up in a city (Orlando, Atlanta, Savannah, Tampa) where Irma was also planning to visit. My friends chased around like robbers who just stuck up a bank. 

Miami Beach is opening tomorrow at noon. Residents are allowed to return. We are not sure if we are going back because our condo does not have cable and Internet. We have work assignments that require both, so we will make that decision tomorrow. Most likely it will be Wednesday. The good news is that a condo staff member checked our unit, and everything was perfect. Happy days. 

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