The Future In Camping  

Eliot and I will be traveling to Paris next month for a mini CES tech show that showcases start-up companies. I am very excited because I am anxious to see the new innovative products coming from the French. 

I first noticed that France was very innovative productwise at the last CES in Las Vegas when I witnessed a football field of French companies showing off their creative wares. There were lots of start-ups from many other nations, but France had the most. A few years ago, it was Israel. I guess, it’s all very cyclical.

One company that has caught my attention recently is France’s Green Cat Technologies. They just unveiled the sCarabane, one of the most unique camper trailers you have ever seen. When it’s on the road, it looks like a 26-foot silver mobile truck, but it unfolds into a useful, 420-square-foot tiny house.

Watch the video. It will surprise you.

At the campsite, the sCarabane sits on a circular stand that allows it to rotate. The tiny house features a front deck, two rear bedrooms and a very modern kitchen.  An adjustable bubble window features a reflective shade to control natural light and heat. 

No word on pricing. 

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