The Game of Phones 


You have to stop what you are doing and watch  this video. I have never experienced what I felt when I first saw it. I remember how to dial a phone, yet is seems like a lifetime ago. It looks familiar, yet it seems so strange. 

That’s the word that describes how I feel, strange. This video almost gives me the creeps. I’m watching one famous person, after another famous person, dialing a phone, and then eventually pressing buttons  I’m sure there  is some deep psychological meaning behind this video. For me, it’s spooky. Everyone looks they are a child playing with a toy..

I came across the video when I was searching for new art exhibits in NYC. I found out that the Paula Cooper Gallery is presenting Christian Marclay’s “Phones” at its New York venue. The exhibition entitled “Phones,” includes the early works by Christian Marclay comprising sculptures and a video. 

I’m anxious to hear your reaction to the video. It may put a smile on your face, while you may start crying inside. Technology has changed so much. And we have lived to see it all.

3 thoughts on “The Game of Phones 

  1. We need an annotated list of EVERY film in this video (which I believe is available from when I first saw this compilation). Please share info about the Phones exhibit at Paula Cooper Gallery. And do you need an old Princess or Slimline phone for YOUR collection? I have extras. But NO phonebooths.

  2. This was great- it reminded me of the excitement and anticipation of finding out who was on the other end (especially when you were waiting for someone special) 😉

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