The Future Of Photography   

Every time Eliot and I travel, or go some place interesting, he packs a knapsack filled with heavy camera equipment to take with us. As each year passes, I worry how he manages to lug all that stuff.

That’s why I was particularly interested in a new camera called “Light” that is supposed to go on sale this week. Two of my tech friends told me about it. It sounds fabulous for a novice like me, but I wish Eliot would consider it. 

For $1,950, the new “Light” camera weighs less than a pound, fits in your back pocket, has 16 lenses and sensors that can capture a 52-megapixel shot. While I know very little about camera technology, I am told that amount of pixels give you a super detailed photo. Most cameras only offer 12 megapixels. 

One thing I do know about is having a great zoom lens. I love being able to zoom in on things from blocks away. The optical zoom on “Light” captures  objects five times closer and gives you lots of focus options.

I wanted to know more about this camera so I googled it. The Wall Street Journal had the best review. All the details are covered by expert Geoffrey Flowler.

4 thoughts on “The Future Of Photography   

  1. I used to lug my camera and lenses everywhere too, and I have some wonderful photos to show for it! Must admit, though, that I never look at them, and have never framed them, displayed them, or even thought about them! A few years ago, I gravitated toward using the iphone, and I guess that’s where I will stay! But the new camera does sound amazing!

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