Is It A Religion Or A Disease? A Psychiatrist Calls It Audiophilia  

I was there in the early days of hi-fi. I watched many audiophile writers sit in the middle of a sound room at trade shows or audio salons, close their eyes, and listen to music. Sometimes, they didn’t move for an hour or so. I used to wonder if they were sleeping, or seriously listening to the sounds. 

The audio writers back then loved all of the stereo equipment as much as they loved any treasure. Franklin Karp of Audio Video Systems, emailed me this BBC film today. It’s all about audiophiles in 1959, with tongue-in-cheek humor. 

Critics call it a masterpiece. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It brought back so many memories.
Here it is.

This is dedicated to the audiophile writers who started it all. I will be adding to the list as other audio industry folks remind me of those I missed. 
Harry Pearson • J. Gordon Holt • Julian Hirsch • Hans Fantel • Len Feldman• Larry Archibald • Gordon Sell • Bob Angus • Barney Pisha • Larry Klein • Gene Pitts • Michael Riggs • Ivan Berger • Lance Braithwaite • David Ranada • Peter Dobbin • Ed Foster • Peter Michell • John Atkinson • Robert Harley • Anthony Cordesman, • Dan Kumin •

Read the What’s Hi-Fi article that covered the film

3 thoughts on “Is It A Religion Or A Disease? A Psychiatrist Calls It Audiophilia  

  1. Lois, you did it again! You literally brought back my youth. I can’t tell you how many Saturdays my brother dragged me on the subway to go to Manhattan either to a high fidelity show at a place like the New Yorker Hotel or down to Warren Street near City Hall to listen to the latest equipment. We had a component system consisting of a separate tuner and pre-amplifier, an amplifier, a turntable and a speaker. This was before stereo which was originally called “binaural sound.” I just forwarded your blog to my brother. I’m sure that he will love it.

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