Pull Strings 

I had to “pull strings” to show you these treasures. Eliot and I discovered them when we were visiting the SoHo, NYC, loft of Allen Hirsch, an artist, sculptor, and creator of HandL phone cases. Allen only wants me to promote his phone cases, so I had to convince him to let me show you a few of his paintings that feature a totally new technique. You are going to think I’m fooling you. 

These are paintings on strings. Yes, the strings contain the paint, not the canvas. One looks at, and through, the image at the same time. You really can’t tell if the paint is on the string, or on the canvas. Allen laughs when I question him if this is a magic trick. The strings of color achieve an image that you just can’t stop looking at. 

A new visual space is achieved by the fact that the viewer needs to change the focal point from the strings to the image within. This new technique of painting ties together many of Allen’s artistic interests over the past 20 years. 

We thought they were magical. Allen’s new line of luxury HandL phone cases are going to be quite unique too. There is nothing like them on the marketplace. I will be showing them to you soon. Enjoy! 


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