Stress Has Been Given A Bad Rap

Image: New York Times

I knew it. There is nothing wrong with stress in your life. It can even be empowering. You just have to have the right attitude. I wanted to share a New York Times article on the subject because I believe it finally sets the record straight. 

For years, I had to listen to a number of folks tell me that my stressful job was going to ruin my health. I’m not a dope. I know that anyone can get sick, at any time, but the chance of “work stress” hurting me was just totally wrong. 

If you enjoy what you are doing, your body adjusts to stress. In fact, the New York Times article points out that stress from positive work makes you stronger. People who are unhappy, and make themselves victims in most aspects of their lives, are more likely to be the sick ones. 

A good dose of stress, because you are doing something worthwhile, can be euphoric, especially when you reach your goal. I wonder how many euphoric experiences those “stress warners” experienced in their lifetime?

Read the article.. Here is the New York Times article. I love it. 


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