Channeling Can Be A Solution

Dr. Peter Wisch and his former assistant.

I  know that you are going to think I’m crazy, but I tried “channeling” a few times to figure out some of life’s challenges. It worked. I am writing about this today because I believe it can be helpful to you too. 

Channeling is not what you think. It’s not voodoo. Through a series of questions, the channeler helps you look at your problems from a different perceptive. It helped me because I realized that my values on certain topics were out of whack. When I gave myself the chance to think differently, the problems subsided. I was suddenly free to be happy.

My channeler was my dermatologist. He was practicing eastern medicine on the side. He became so engrossed in the discipline of channeling, that he gave up his dermatology practice a few months ago to do healing full time.

He recently wrote his dermatology patients a letter which stated. “This field of healing is an ancient way of accessing knowledge, eternal truths, wisdom, guidance, well-being, enlightenment, and the deeper mysteries of the Universe. 

“I feel the channeling creates an authentic, pure, sacred, and honest connection between healer and client. What is paramount is that metaphysically we all possess abilities to heal ourselves, and channeling guides the way.  Make no mistake, it also avails us, when applicable, towards and from a gamut of other fine available healing disciplines.”

The channeling lasts approximately one hour. The session is recorded and sent to you via email. It’s important to listen to the sessions over and over, because each time you hear better clarity. 

If you are open to truly healing youself, and finding true happiness, give Dr. Peter Wisch a call, 212-879-1496. 

I can’t wait for you to free yourself from what makes you unhappy. 

2 thoughts on “Channeling Can Be A Solution

  1. I’ve known a little about Channeling for years, not enough to really understand it. It’s interesting, and I agree, it can help people solve their problems. After all, we know that all our problems, AND their solutions, are already in us! Thanks Lois!

  2. There is so much that is not addressed by Westetn Medicine. More and more Western Meicine is driven by the big Pharmaceutical Ins industry. Channeling makes a lot of sense to me.

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