Remember This Name, “Magic Leap”

Everyone thinks Florida is a place where people go to retire. That image is about to change forever. A company named Magic Leap, located in Plantation, FL, just announced that its new mixed reality headset is ready for public consumption. The company promises that they have reinvented the way people will interact with computers and reality.

Magic Leap says it will take augmented reality to a whole new level. Wikipedia explains augmented reality as a “live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are ‘augmented’ by computer-generated real-world sensory input such as sound, video, and graphics.” Watch the above video or click on the link below to see augmented reality in action.

Magic Leap gained notoriety in the tech industry because it managed to raise over $1.9 billion from investors such as Google and Alibaba. This was particular remarkable considering very few people in the industry ever saw the product as it was being developed.

Magic Leap’s augmented reality headset has been kept a secret for at least two years. Industry folks began to think the whole thing was a hoax but not any longer. Rony Abovitz is the CEO and creator of the AR company. The headset device is referred to as Lightwear and is attached to a pocket-sized computer called the Lightpack. Together, they inject life-like moving people, robots, spaceships into a person’s view of the real world

Southern Florida will never be the same. With a little effort, it will become the next Silicon Valley.

Here’s another chance to see Magic Leap in action.

2 thoughts on “Remember This Name, “Magic Leap”

  1. Hi Lois, to be clear this video you show was fake. They paid a typical FX firm to make this, as they were not yet there with their own stuff. As well, we have seen believable pictures of their prototypes which involved a large backpack. That makes sense as we see the Omen which is a VR backpack. The new shot and items look fake. They cannot get six cameras and the processing power into the headset like they show at this point of development. Many seriously think this is fake, so take some grains of salt here. All the best for the season!

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