CarWink Is A New Way To Communicate In Your Car

Every time we go for a drive, I am more and more convinced that half the people on the road should have their driving licenses revoked. I used to think the worse drivers were on Miami highways. Now I see the same insane driving moves in New York and Los Angeles.

I wish I could make citizen arrests. Someone has to do something. I know I have no power, but where are the traffic cops when cars are swaying in and out of lanes, and cutting cars off at high speeds. I want to let them know what a danger they are on the road.

Now there is a way for vehicles to talk to each other. Install CarWink on your windshield. Controlled by a companion app, this gadget has developed a wide variety of emojis for your windshield that can be seen by other cars when they pass you. CarWink if you want to say thank you, let those behind you know that there is an accident ahead, tell others they are driving too fast or getting too close.

Watch the video to see how it works. Don’t get angry, get CarWink the next time you are on the road.


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