A Bike Ride To CES

I recently heard about a PR stunt that I thought was pretty clever. I’m always looking for creative ways to introduce new products, so when I heard that a cyclist was biking across the United States to CES to demonstrate the durability of an electric bicycle wheel, I was very impressed.

The Electron Wheel, featuring a motor, intuitive sensors, a battery, and Google Assistant, is being showcased at CES. The big attraction is that the Electron Wheel is easily installed on the front of any bike.

The trip to CES started out two days ago on December 31st from Union Square in Manhattan to Las Vegas. The biker will ride for 17 hours each day, for 10 days. The wheel itself is geared for 50 miles on a charge. He should arrive on the second day of the show.

The Electron’s Gen 2 Wheel will sell for $799 at Best Buy next month. Installation is said to take less than a minute, snapping the wheel onto the front spokes. Then the sensor is secured to one of the pedals with a Velcro strap. The Electron Wheel’s incline sensor assists you when you’re going up a hill.

I’m sure many reporters will be standing by at CES to see if the cyclist shows up on the second day and to check the condition of the wheel. I will be one of them.

2 thoughts on “A Bike Ride To CES

  1. It’s pretty cold in most states for the next 10 days on the way to Las Vegas. Wouldn’t like to be riding for 17 hours a day. Other than that it looks great!

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