Bedside Visits

(I’m sorry for this lousy formatting. I wrote this piece on my email and it didn’t transfer well. I tried retyping it here but the copy came out the same way. Let it be).

A young friend of mine is going

through a major health crisis. She

lives on the other side of the country

so I can only be in communications

with her when she is available, or well

enough to talk to me. I know her

family and friends but I can’t be calling

them all the time for status updates.

Plus, I am not sure how much of the

details of her illness she really tells


This gal used to work at our PR

agency for a number of years so I feel

very close to her. She is a gorgeous

woman who could have capitalized on

her looks. She turned out to be one of

the most serious workers in the history

of our business.

I tried communicating with my friend

on Facebook but she got tired keeping

up with all of the inquiries she was

getting. I was worried that I would lose

touch with her. Then all of a sudden

I was notified that my friend was using

a digital platform called Caring Bridge

so she could talk to many of us at one


It has really been a great way to send

frequent good wishes to my friend and

get her almost daily updates. We all

want her to know that we are in this



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